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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Sources

The only reference to intellectual property in the movie is of Wilford’s train. As the owner of the train he gets to control all of the management. During the movie it is revealed that he has built up a “God-Complex” about who lives and dies on the train, and he works to brainwash the children on board to worship him as their savior. This could be seen as a commentary on how large business owners or “Job Creators” as they are referred to politically are portrayed in the media as the only people who can effectively help the economy.


As the intellectual property holder of the train, Wilfred owns the last place on Earth that humanity can live. Due to it being his Wilfred declares himself the ruler of the train and starts making decisions that he claims is on behalf of the greater good and his grand plan to keep humanity alive. While some things he do are ethical such as picking up extra passengers as the world was ending to save them, he swings very far in the unethical direction by turning those extra passengers into essentially tools to keep the train running, without their consent or knowledge. Wilford has a professional responsibility to keep as many people alive as possible, but this does not give him the right to become a defacto dictator because he owns the train. The ethical thing for Wilford to do would have been to explain the situation that the train was in and come to democratic decisions on key issues.